T H E   S T R O N G E S T   K N O W L E D G E

The Resource Lab (TRL) provides solutions for our business partners, particularly in developing people solutions in Engineering, BIM, CAD and technical fields.  Our leadership team has over 20 years' experience with extensive track records in managing successful resource business.

Our focus in Engineering, BIM, CAD, Site Supervision and Information Technology roles help us attain the necessary experience to engage the right professionals and create value for our business partners. We consciously maintain a small and lean operations unit.  We made a deliberate decision in not embarking on extensive marketing campaigns but working through referrals.  These decisions ensure that we do not dilute our core values, enable us to focus on current projects and deliver quality services, and, in the process, maximise the value we deliver to all our stakeholders.  We firmly believe that satisfied and happier business partners will give us future business. 


Safety is a key part of our philosophy and guides the type of projects we undertake. Our business partners and our people are responsible for promoting safety as a value and creating a culture that prioritises safe working behaviour.  We are committed to ensure our people gets home safely everyday.


Our operations people are resourceful.  They are creative, inventive and enterprising.  They are able to develop fit for purpose solutions and find ways to execute great ideas for our business partners.

Business Agility

We approach our operations in a flexible and responsive manner.  We assess our priorities and performance frequently and make adjustments in an iterative manner.  We seek to maintain a lean structure which keeps us agile and mobile, allowing us to adjust swifely to changing market conditions and capitalise on business opportunities.

Cost Effective

We always strive to run our business with the most cost effectiveness it possibly can.  This approach applies to all solutions we develop for our business partners.



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